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Hello there!  Today I will share my craft room with y'all.  Last year we changed a bunch of rooms around in the house, and my craft room went from being upstairs, to moved downstairs so that I may craft more during the day.

Having a toddler around really made this decision for me, now with my room downstairs, I can work in there while Tate is playing, if I chose to do so.  That being said, he really likes to be in the craft room when I am in there.  Tate is really good at putting things where I cannot retrieve them, for instance, one of my itty bitty punch pack punches is missing, and I CANNOT find it, lol!

This room was originally decorated to be my husband Chris' card room, so it does have more of a masculine feel.  The walls are a green venetian plaster that have been burnished.  The walls have a very smooth almost glass like feel, even though there is a texture to the walls.

The cabinets are black dorm room modular style.  This is a great way to furnish your space, check out the big box stores during back to school time, there are plenty of great items that work well in a crafting room.

This used to be my husband's bar space, but now the shelves hold home decor items that are not being used due to seasonal decorations.  This area is now used for cutting, scoring, big shot, heat embossing, glue gunning, and of course diaper changing (hopefully for not too much longer since we are potty training).  I have a nice big closet (to the right), and there is also a full bath attached to this room.

This is by far the best was to store a bunch of punches.  These are the kitchen rods from IKEA.  I originally saw this idea on Mary Fish's blog, and loved it.  We made the cornice boards way back when we originally decorated this room.

This is my main crafting space.  It is a dining room table that has the extender taken out for this room, though in my last room I was able to use the whole table.  We painted it white and faux distressed it in an ivory color, it looks yellow in this picture because of the lighting.

Here are my shelves that store my ribbon, completed samples, catalogs, and my bigger big shot accessories.  This is also one of Tate's favorite areas to grab and go...

Chris made this ribbon rack for me, it can either sit on a flat surface or hang.  I also utilized the bottom to hold my extra ink pads that are not in everyday use.  The little bottom rack is a rack from IKEA that was stained to match the ribbon rack.  The white patch is where the TV was, we have not patched that yet.

This is how I store my 8 1/2 x 11 paper.  I found these fancy rolling paper racks online.  I keep the card stock arraigned in color family in hanging file folders, identified with color tags.  Scraps go right back into the same color folder for ease of use.  I really do like this method, it keeps everything in place.

My 12x12 card stock and DSP are in paper holders sitting on the back cabinet.  When I get a new DSP pack, I carefully cut the top of the plastic open and leave all of the paper in the plastic, when I need a piece, I just pull it out, I replace the unused paper and scraps back in the plastic wrap.  I have three paper holders, one for card stock, one for current DSP, and the last for any retired DSP I am hoarding.

My stamps are all stored in the center shelves along with my ink pads sitting on the top of the shelf.  These cabinets are great for both hiding stuff on the left hand side and easy to get to on the right.  I sit between the cabinets and table so I can reach everything I need.

This was my craft room upstairs, so pretty much the same layout.

I do plan on redoing the colors in my craft room over the next year to make it a bit more feminine, I am thinking that I would like the table stained in a nice warm espresso, but I will have to see!  We are always so busy here, this will be a big challenge.

So do you want a peek at tomorrow's post?  Spirit week is among us at my daughter's school, so we made something for her, take a look and head back here tomorrow for the full run down.  Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you were inspired, enjoy.

DISCLAIMER!!!!  I have to let y'all know that my craft room is usually not this clean, especially after a project, it usually looks like a tornado hit it.  And since this room is right off the garage, it becomes the drop zone for everything from shoes to bags, to extra paper towels, you get the picture.  It always looks lived in that's for sure!


Robin said…
The room looks awesome. Wish it was mine. Great ideas. TFS
Patti Willey said…
Ok I'm back! I can't sign into Google from my phone during the day to post. here we go... Love the craft spaces! So organized and handy! Tate is such a Doll! Let him wet his Big Boy underwear just once and he'll never do it again!
Gail said…
Love looking at other craft rooms, always great to see what others do with all their goodies.
Thanks for the tour. Gail.

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