Blog Candy Winner!

Hello there!  I know y'all have been waiting to see who is the lucky winner of the Trick AND a Treat blog hop.  I love to give out blog candy, and I know you love to receive it!  All I can say is that you all are fabulous!  I received so many sweet, sweet comments, and I thank you all.  It is nice to be so appreciated.  Are you ready yet?  Drum roll please.....

Love this random number generator!  The lucky comment is #34 Loly Borda-Towery, here is the lovely comment that Loly posted:

BloggerLoly Borda-Towery said...
Fabulous idea! Great project, thanks for sharing it and for the chance to win.

All right Loly, email me ASAP and I will get your Card Keeper and Candy Cane designer fabric out to you.  If I do not hear from Loly by Tuesday night, I will pick another comment and let you know on my Stampin' Royalty post on Wednesday.

I thought this post needed a picture, so take a look at this little sweetie:
Introducing our new little Whippet puppy Paisley.  Oh she is so sweet, she is only 4 weeks old, so she is still with her mommy.  We met her last weekend and fell in love immediately, the breeder has been sending us pictures so we can watch her progress.  Paisley is white with dark brindle spots that look a bit like paisley's, hence our choice of a name fits her well.

Schyler our Fox Terrier and Sasha our Italian Greyhound have not met her yet, but I hopefully do not anticipate any problems since they are both very sweet girls.

Thanks for stopping by today, I will see you on Wednesday and Thursday this week with two great new cards.  See you then!


Loly Borda said…
Yay! Thank you! I'm so excited. I'm e mailing you.
Have a blesse week.
Pam~ said…
Oh, Sandie, your puppy is adorable! You have made an awesome choice in getting a whippet! I know you and the rest of your clan will enjoy her so much! Keep the pictures coming! I'm jealous too...would love to have another pup!

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