No Reply blogger Replies, PPA Peek, & MDS Releases

Hello there, I know you are thinking that you are going to see a card today, and I do have a peek at my PPA Challenge card, but first I would like to give you, my Pretty Provisions readers some tech info.  I know, not what you are used from me but it is info that is very helpful for me to answer your questions.

I love to read your comments, and I try to answer all of your questions and sweet comments, but sometimes, when I try to reply, your return address might come up as "no reply@ blogger or something like that.  So, if you have commented on one of my posts and not had a reply from me, most likely you will need to change your settings, so that I can email you back.
I was given this link a while back, and it is very helpful and straight forward on how to change your settings so that your comment can be replied to.  Here is the link .   There are a few steps to follow, then hopefully you will have it changed and I can reply to your questions!  Of course I do understand that some might value their privacy, and that is fine, I totally respect that, I am just posting this for those who would like a reply.  Thanks!
Now on to my PPA peek, here it is:

Check back with me on Thursday for the full reveal.  There are a ton of new MDS releases, lots of holiday items, and even a Hockey themed brush set.  Take a look and tell me which is your favorite.  As always, if you have the MDS software, these downloads are instant!  Yay, what a great feature.

And A Happy New Year Photocard Template - Item #127580

Ornamental Holidays Photocard Template - Item #127578

Bright Idea Journal Template - Item #127439

A Little of This Tag Templates - Item #127585

Four the Holidays Stamp Brush Set - Item #127768

25 & Counting Stamp Brush Set - Item #127769
Stitched Stockings Stamp Brush Set - Item #127771
Stockings Punch - Item #127772
Holly Berry Bouquet Kit - Item #127773
Something For Christmas Stamp Brush Set - Item #127774
Hockey is Life Stamp Brush Set - Item #127776

You can find all of these downloads here when you Shop With Me.  Have a great day!


Patti Willey said…
Thanks for the tip Sandie, I'm going to check this out!
Mel Hopes said…
Oh, that looks like maybe a little Frankie on that sneak peak.


thanks for the help.

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