Artisan Update and a few MDS pages

Hello there!  I know I am not posting as much as I used to, but I am still working hard to bring you some great new tricks and tips.  Unfortunately, since they are on my Artisan Award submissions, you will have to wait until I can properly show them to you, then you will have a bunch of catching up to do!

Here is what I have just about finished: 12x12 scrap page, 8 1/2 x 11 scrap page, and my favorite 8x8 scrap page.  Scraping is different for me because everything is usually put behind a page protector, and it gets smashed.  I like lots of 3D on my items, so the scrapping is my challenge.  The only things that need to be finished are the menu of items that I have used on each piece.

Both of my 3D items are finished, one has the menu, and one does not.  Boy you are all going to love both of these items when you see them!

I have four out of my five cards done.  I do have a card rolling around in my head, so it shouldn't take me too long to figure it out.  Today was the day that I gave myself my deadline to have everything done.  I am just about 85% done, and if Tate has a good nap tomorrow, I think I will be done soon.

Ok, thanks for listening to my checklist, here are two MDS scrap pages that did not make the cut.  They are the same, but had different colors.  These pages are 8 1/2 x 11 pages.

This one I did for Catherine since she loves purple.  I also chose a white background and I would figure out which one I liked better when they came in.  I will show you the white one now, and you can tell me which you prefer, I love to get feedback.

They are the same page, but they make a different impact.  I had a purple one printed for Catherine to frame.  I think it would be easy to find a frame and hang this page on a wall.  Or, for all of you thinker's out there, Stampin Up can print a book for you, hard bound, or you can just have them print an individual sheet, like I did here.  I have some scrapbooks that I will start to add these pages to.  Super easy.

MDS has a free 30 day trial, you can find it at my ONLINE STORE, take a look, you will really love it.  If you purchase it now, you will receive the new MDS2 upgrade free at the end of the year.  A really great bargain!

So which did you prefer?  Let me know, keep the comments flowing, I love to read them.  Hope you were inspired today, enjoy!


Patti Willey said…
I'm loving them Both! But the White looks more scary/Halloween to me. In fact, your grass is too green! It usually snows on Halloween and you have to bundle up in Vermont!
Tinabobina99 said…
The purple is pretty (and it's now a Halloween color) but I think the white shows off the photos and journaling better. Good luck on your Artisan Award submission!
Traci Davis said…
I think the one in purple "pops" better. Great job, thanks for sharing!

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