To Artisan or Not

Hello there!  Some of you in the know, have heard about the Stampin' Up! demo challenge called the Artisan Award.  It is a big honor since SU chooses only ten demos for this award.  This award is based on creativity, not sales  There are 10 projects that you have to complete and mail to SU by May 31st, five cards, three scrapbook pages, and two 3D items.

I have decided to throw my hat in the ring, but a challenge this big requires a lot of planning and staring off into space (thinking for me).  My family will be talking to me, and I will rush to jot an idea down, the first few times, they gave me strange looks, but now it is the norm.

I have some great ideas (I think) and will really be buckling down to get them finished with enough time to mail all the way to UTAH, which takes FOREVER, LOL!

I have been learning to use My Digital Studio, and I am getting pretty used to it.  Since scrapbooking is by far my weak point, I felt that I might have a chance if I scrapped via MDS.  Here is a practice page that I tweaked from a "predid" SU page:

What do you think?  I am sure you veterans out there might find it a wee bit lacking, but that is ok, the pages that I am going to submit have a bit more umph to them.  Here is my inspiration page:

I really liked this page, and the colors are really great.  I took some of the elements and used them, but since I did not have the exact DSP etc, I tried to make my own.  This is the beauty of the MDS software, you can do whatever you want, its brilliant!

Now, if you are still with me, the beauty of all of this is I can have SU PRINT these pages perfectly for me!!!  Yay, you can have them print individual pages, for around $2.50 a piece depending on size and weight of paper.  I sent in my ten pages on Monday night, and they were shipped the very next day.  WOW.  I cannot wait to see them and even though I cannot show them to you right now, you will get a chance to see them.

So, my good blog friends, if my posts seem a bit sparse, I am either staring off into space, or furiously crafting in my craft room.  Please have patience with me, you will see everything I finish when I can show you.  Please root me on, I would love to have your support!


Patti Willey said…
Wow! What a commitment! You go girl you can pull it together! So we get to take a peek at what you're submitting? You're such a doll! Good luck!
Paper Potter said…
Go for it Sandi! I know you will win it! I know your submissions won't be seen until all are chosen, but we are gonna be lovin' the practice projects. :)
phillip46 said…
Hi Sandi:

Challenges - they are so good for us and to keep us motivated... and always striving to improve our skill set. I'm proud of you, and I know with all the starry thoughts, you will put your all into it. One tidbit I learned in scrapbooking is not to loose sight of the photo that you are wanting to highlight. I think we tend to overdo scrapbook pages until the intended photograph becomes almost the background. We are all anxious to see your creations!
mary fish said…
great use of layout and colors! I am so glad you are putting your hat in the ring for the artisan award!!
hugs, m
Ann Schach said…
Good luck, Sandie! I know you will do well!
Catherine said…
Sandra, I know you can do it!! You are so creative and make such beautiful things!! You inspire everyone who views and receives your cards and other projects!!

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