Blog Award!

Last week, I learned that I was honored with my first blog award, a Liebster Blog award.

Tracey from My Creative Side gave me this Liebster award!!! Thank you so much Tracey, I am so honored!

This award started in Germany and it means favorite or beloved, and it's for anything, not just scrapbooking/crafting. The purpose of this award is to bring attention to blogs with fewer than 200 followers, and they then pay it forward by passing the award on to 5 other small blogs!!!!

Here are the Rules of the Liebster Award:
1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your five picks for the award and let them know.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love from the supportive people out there in Blog Land!
5. Finally and the best rule of all ........... have fun and spread the love!
Here are the five blogs that I have chosen. Click on over to their sites, look around and don't forget to become a Follower. There are so many great blogs out there!

Here are the 5 blogs that I have chosen, it was a VERY difficult decision!  I am not entirely sure that they have less than 200 followers, but visit their blogs and see why I picked them, they are all incredibly talented.

1.  Fran Sabad
2.  Cindy Hall at Pretty Impact
3.  Patti Willey at Patti's Stamping Studio
4.  Kim at Joyful Creations
5.  Tara Murphy at Can't Stamp the Rain

Stop by their blogs, they have all fabulous ideas and beautiful projects!

Please come back tomorrow, I have a my Stampin' Royalty card for you, it is very springy!


Patti Willey said…
Awh that's such a sweet sentiment to honor the small bloggers! One of your Five! Wow! I'm honored!
Kim S said…
Thank you so much for the award!! I loved all the picks and am honored to be in their company!

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