Ribbon Shares

Hey there!  Today I am going to show you a great tip about storing ribbon.  I have joined ribbon shares in the past, and have a bunch of cut ribbon, this is what it looks like after I have unpacked it.  I have some great lidded jars that I found at target and I usually put the ribbon in there.  But look what I recently came up with!  To share in this find, I am going to offer a ribbon share myself, and each share of ribbon will come on it's own wooden pin.  How great is that!

I currently do not have a ribbon share going, but check back with the next new catalog to see what ribbon I will be sharing.



Patti Willey said…
Ribbon! Very pretty on your vintage clothes pins! Guess what? I'm starting your challenge. Wish me luck!
Anonymous said…
You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!
irishgalkelly said…
This system is simple, beautiful, and down right genius! I love it Sandie. Thanks for sharing.

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