Athletic Banquet Gift Card Holders

Ok, here they are, I made 18 of them for the tennis, golf, basketball, swimming, volleyball, and soccer coaches.  Some of the coaches coached two teams, so they have both sports on the cards.  I will show you a pictorial at the end of the post to show you how the holders are made.

My favorite was the tennis ball, I punched a daffodil delight circle out of the 1 3/4 large circle punch, then I took a scrap of So Saffron, Certainly Celery and Daffodil delight and used my hobby blade and scraped fuzz off the cardstock.  I collected it and glued it to the tennis ball to make it fuzzy.  The bits of white were just double punched from the circle punch.  Most of the balls were stamped and embossed just to give them a little extra, and I did sponge clouds in white but they are hard to see on the pictures.  The names were printed out in a great font and cut out like a flag and wrapped around a toothpick.

Here is my first Pictorial!!

This is an extremely easy card holder to make, you will need a 4 x 12 piece of cardstock and score longways at 4inch, 6inch, and 8 inch.

Make a W fold and figure out how you want your gift card, mine is vertical (on its side) you can do either way.  Hold you gift card to the middle fold and measure how long a slot you need to make, the vertical one goes almost to the end of the paper, be careful not to cut to the end.



After you have cut your slot, glue (or sticky strip) the edges together, making sure to leave room halfway in for the card.

When glued, fit your gift card in the slot to make sure it fits.  This is what the finished inside looks like with the card inside.  It fits nice and snug and it is held in place great.

Decorate the inside first before you assemble if you plan to do a lot of 3D on the front.  I closed these with a velcro dot, but I think you could also close with a ribbon tied in a bow.  Now try it your self, so super easy!  Enjoy!


cdmac said…
WOW!!! Amazing!!! Thank you for showing the steps too! You made it easy for dumb people like me to follow. You are the greatest!
Sandie Conner said…
Thanks Christina, but you are new and learning, not dumb! You'll do fine, just break it all down bit by bit, just like the flower you did and it is easy.
Mary Fish said…
Sandie . . . this is absolutely fabulous . . . love how the fold makes a little sleeve for the card! Hugs, M
Jackie Kurtz said…
Sandie, I saw these in person, and they looked AMAZING (I was not surprised of course)

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