Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all you Mom's out there are relaxing, and enjoying your Mother's Day.  I sure am, my family is great, they take care of me all day and I do not have to do anything, unless I want too!  This morning my 13 year old daughter Mackie gave me her card that she has been up in the craft room making for the past few days.  It brought tears to my eyes!!  I love it, and I just had to share:
Last week I showed her the baby giraffe card at Lindas Stampin Loft here and we both loved how cute it was.  I bookmarked it to make later for a new baby girl that a friend just had, but she had other ideas!!  I was blown away this morning when I saw it, I am so proud of her. Mackie also had Tate color me a card as well.  She is a wonderful young lady.
Mackie also found out how to punch this cutie little frog for the inside of the card.  This card will have a place of honor on the craft room wall!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Mother's day with the kids!  Enjoy!


Linda Fisher said…
Oh Mackie how proud your Mother must be! You did a fantastic job with her giraffe card. It's beautiful, I just love it! And it appears that Tate is an upcoming little artist! Hugs to both of you!!
Ann Schach said…
Sandie...this is just adorable! What a talented daughter you have! I would have had tears in my eyes, too! How sweet and thoughtful!

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