Pretty Provisions for the Home - Bracelets

Hello there!  This week's Stampin' Royalty challenge is "Anything Goes", which I was very happy to see.  I prepared a bunch of these cutie bracelets to take with me to Convention for some special friends and for my two roommates.  They are super easy to make, I will show you how.

You will need some fabric, I used the Stampin' Up! fabric which is perfect for this type of project.  I cut a piece 3 inches wide by 27 inches long (which is the length the fabric comes in).  Turn right sides in and sew a 1/4 inch seam down the side.  I also like to sew one end to a point at this time.

Turn right side out, and flatten out.  You will need six 3/4 wooden balls, they can have a hole in them or not, it doesn't matter.  I found mine at a craft store in a package of 27, they are usually where the paint your own wood items are.

Start at the end that you sewed to a point, and make a knot about three to four inches from the edge, make sure all knots are in the place you want them before you tighten them, because you usually cannot get the knot undone after it is tight.

Put your first ball in place and tightly tie a knot to hold it in place, add your second ball and tie another knot, making sure that all your knots are tight.  You will use six balls total.  After the last ball, tie a knot.  You can either hand finish or machine sew the open end after turning a bit inside for a finished look, you will have this:

You can tie the two ends together in a square knot, or gather with ribbon, or attach a snap.  Make sure you can roll the bracelet on if you are tying a knot.  The bracelets will stretch a little, use the movement of the balls to help you roll it on.  Here are some pictures of some finished bracelets:

There you have it, another easy to do but fabulous project.  I am here at convention, and should tour the Riverton SU Campus today, I am really looking forward to that.  I will post some pictures on tomorrow's post if I am able to.  Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you were inspired, enjoy!


Patti Willey said…
Very fun! I broke a very expensive Silpada bracelet last night…should have thought to make something SU like you did! See you soon!
irishgalkelly said…
Wow Sandie, these are so cute! Minus the sewing, this would be a fun project for my almost nine year old daughter to make with me. Thanks for the great idea. I just know that your friends will enjoy receiving these!
Patti MacLeith said…
I love these bracelets! Very clever!

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