Birthday Presents!

Today's Stampin' Royalty challenge is a scrapbook page.  Whoa, scrapbook pages are definitely my weakness, but since I have been doing some pages for the upcoming Artisan Award in My Digital Studio, I am finding it much easier to do.

This page is a "standard" page that came with the Happy Bday digital scrapbook.  I simply selected a page that I liked and did some tweaking around.  Now there is a whole book that you can make, you just click to add pictures.  So simple, and then you can send it off for printing!  WOW, wonderful.

I wanted to add three pictures on this page, so I moved everything down, added my pictures and added the picture borders, and drop shadows.  I played with the flowers a little bit, and added my journaling.  Total time from start to finish was about 15 minutes.  Easy Peasy.

You really need to try out the MDS, there is a free 30 day trial going on, so go to my ONLINE STORE and try it out today!

I get my printed pages today from SU.  I did a bunch of pages and had them printed for the best results.  Two of them will go back to SU as part of my Artisan Awards submissions, I just will have to decide WHICH two!  Keep your fingers crossed, please!  Would you like a sneak peak of my PPA challenge card for tomorrow?  Well here it is:

Come back tomorrow to see the whole card, and what the challenge is!  I love to read your comments, so let me know what you think, I will reply if your email is on the comment.  Have a great day.


Patti Willey said…
I think your layout is great! I too run from Scrapbooking! I don't take pictures, and I don't scrap. I'm a purist card maker! Your two children are so gorgeous! Any chance your husband is blonde?
Mynn xx said…
LOVE that polka dot background! The pictures are so fun and the colors all go so perfectly together!!! :)
Linda Callahan said…
This is full of summer cheer! And I am cheering you on for that Artisan Award for sure! I love the blocked striped background you did - sets off your card perfectly!

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